Monday, 17 August 2009

The Treasure Map

My best friend, Laura, found an old map in a desk, that was stored in her attic. She showed it to me, she was going to go and try and get the treasure. I was worried something might happen to her so, even though I was dead scared looking at the pictures, I told Laura I was coming with her.

We both decided we would sail to Bone Beach, go through Vampire Village and reach Devil Mountain where the treasure was laid.

We had to go to those places, first, because it was the quickest and shortest way, second, because in Shipwreck Point there was a really steep hill. Third because Blood Lagoon, well we really didn't want to go through blood, fourth, because Nessy View had a huge snake living there. Fifth because Alligator Alley had a lot of alligators and last of all, because Dead Mans Hill, had dead men all over the floor.

Two days before we were going to the island, me and Laura noticed we didn't know where the island was, so we asked Laura's Granddad. He looked at the map through his long, thick glasses, looked at us surprised and told us that a long time ago he drew the map to play with his friends. I was relieved that I didn't go to the island.


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