Monday, 17 August 2009

Gritoly The Robot

My robots name is Gritoly. It can camouflage into its background. Its in the shape of a photo copier. Its invisible to parents, but they can walk through it and wont feel anything. If anything falls on it despite how heavy it is, Gritoly won't break.

For our school trip, we went to Chertsey Palace. We were told not to touch anything. A sword caught my eye. I just had to touch it. So when no one was looking I did. It felt amazing. I felt like a knight. We spent a few hours at the Palace. When I got home. I had noticed Gritoly was in my bedroom next to my bed. I didn't know who Gritoly was. I curiously pushed one of his buttons. A piece of yellow paper came out on it said,

I am Gritoly, I was made by a scientist called James Thime Tortsem. He invented me to help him make inventions. My favorite one we made together was a chair, that only appears when someone wants to sit down.

I didn't really understand what Gritoly wanted from me, so I ignored him and threw the paper in the bin, and started on my homework. Every time I was stuck on a sum, a piece of paper came out of Gritoly and on it, it said the answer to the sum. I checked on my calculator and the robot was always right. But then I was stuck on a question. I had to draw a 6cm2 triangle. A piece of paper came out of the extraordinary machine. On it, it said,

Put your homework under my lid and then press my green button.

So I put my homework under his lid and then pressed a big green button. About five seconds later my homework came out finished in my hand writing. A month later, I noticed that Gritoly could help a lot. He would tidy my room while I was at school. He would do all the chores for me, and he even sometimes gave me sweets.
Now I use Gritoly all the time. He is the best robot ever.


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  1. I wish I get a robot like this. You are very lucky Arthini.