Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Theme Park

Yesterday I went a theme park. I couldn't wait when I found out, because it wasn't any theme park it was the biggest theme park in the world! I went with my sister, Lucy and my parents. As soon as we got there I jumped out of the car and ran to the gates. I excitedly walked through the gates. There were rides everywhere, I could hear laughs and screams and I could smell the cafe, it was like a dream.

I went to this Science Part of the magnificent place, and rushed to a machine no one was looking at. It had lots of tubes all around it, four wheels at the bottom all different colors. There was a temptation to go inside it, but on it was a sign saying PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH in capital letters. I just had to, so when no one was looking I went in it. Suddenly there was a blur. I couldn't hear the laughs and the screams, and I couldn't smell the cafe.

I was in a completely different place. It was cold and wanted to go home. "Where am I?" Someone please tell me...


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