Monday, 5 October 2009

Indian Food

I love Indian food,
When I eat it I'm in a good mood,
I never hurry,
When I eat my Indian curry,
And thats why I like Indian food.

Indian food is yummy,
It always fills my tummy,
I don't like their mice,
But I love their rice,
And thats why I love Indian food.


Friday, 21 August 2009

The Moon 6000

The Moon 6000 is the latest pace ship in the world. The solar powered navigation will take you to the moon in safety. You don't even need to walk, the chairs can move themselves. Just say forward and the chairs will go forward. Or you could choose to use he buttons. Two hundred and fifty astronauts can come on board. A ticket to go on The Moon 6000 costs £25. This brilliant space ship is sponsored by Mahtag, the latest robot company. Terms and Conditions apply. Please go on and click on the Moon 6000, for more details.


My Horse

I have a horse named Ted,
He loves to be fed.

He eats a lot of hay,
And his favorite sound is neigh.

He does not like mums cat,
He'd like to squash it flat.

He loves to eat bread,
My beautiful horse,
Named Ted!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Theme Park

Yesterday I went a theme park. I couldn't wait when I found out, because it wasn't any theme park it was the biggest theme park in the world! I went with my sister, Lucy and my parents. As soon as we got there I jumped out of the car and ran to the gates. I excitedly walked through the gates. There were rides everywhere, I could hear laughs and screams and I could smell the cafe, it was like a dream.

I went to this Science Part of the magnificent place, and rushed to a machine no one was looking at. It had lots of tubes all around it, four wheels at the bottom all different colors. There was a temptation to go inside it, but on it was a sign saying PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH in capital letters. I just had to, so when no one was looking I went in it. Suddenly there was a blur. I couldn't hear the laughs and the screams, and I couldn't smell the cafe.

I was in a completely different place. It was cold and wanted to go home. "Where am I?" Someone please tell me...


Monday, 17 August 2009

Gritoly The Robot

My robots name is Gritoly. It can camouflage into its background. Its in the shape of a photo copier. Its invisible to parents, but they can walk through it and wont feel anything. If anything falls on it despite how heavy it is, Gritoly won't break.

For our school trip, we went to Chertsey Palace. We were told not to touch anything. A sword caught my eye. I just had to touch it. So when no one was looking I did. It felt amazing. I felt like a knight. We spent a few hours at the Palace. When I got home. I had noticed Gritoly was in my bedroom next to my bed. I didn't know who Gritoly was. I curiously pushed one of his buttons. A piece of yellow paper came out on it said,

I am Gritoly, I was made by a scientist called James Thime Tortsem. He invented me to help him make inventions. My favorite one we made together was a chair, that only appears when someone wants to sit down.

I didn't really understand what Gritoly wanted from me, so I ignored him and threw the paper in the bin, and started on my homework. Every time I was stuck on a sum, a piece of paper came out of Gritoly and on it, it said the answer to the sum. I checked on my calculator and the robot was always right. But then I was stuck on a question. I had to draw a 6cm2 triangle. A piece of paper came out of the extraordinary machine. On it, it said,

Put your homework under my lid and then press my green button.

So I put my homework under his lid and then pressed a big green button. About five seconds later my homework came out finished in my hand writing. A month later, I noticed that Gritoly could help a lot. He would tidy my room while I was at school. He would do all the chores for me, and he even sometimes gave me sweets.
Now I use Gritoly all the time. He is the best robot ever.


The Treasure Map

My best friend, Laura, found an old map in a desk, that was stored in her attic. She showed it to me, she was going to go and try and get the treasure. I was worried something might happen to her so, even though I was dead scared looking at the pictures, I told Laura I was coming with her.

We both decided we would sail to Bone Beach, go through Vampire Village and reach Devil Mountain where the treasure was laid.

We had to go to those places, first, because it was the quickest and shortest way, second, because in Shipwreck Point there was a really steep hill. Third because Blood Lagoon, well we really didn't want to go through blood, fourth, because Nessy View had a huge snake living there. Fifth because Alligator Alley had a lot of alligators and last of all, because Dead Mans Hill, had dead men all over the floor.

Two days before we were going to the island, me and Laura noticed we didn't know where the island was, so we asked Laura's Granddad. He looked at the map through his long, thick glasses, looked at us surprised and told us that a long time ago he drew the map to play with his friends. I was relieved that I didn't go to the island.


Friday, 7 August 2009

Letter from Anne Boleyn to Elizabeth Boleyn

Elizabeth Boleyn
Countness of Wiltshire

Dear Mother,

I write to introduce you to my husband the King of England, Henry VIII. A wise man he is.

Today was an extremely delightful day. His majesty, summoned us to come to the hall. Once we all assembled in the hall, he started to play the guitar. It was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. The song that he played was Greensleeves which the king had written himself.

Later in the day, the majesty went hunting. Handsome he was in his amour. I admire his strength. His majesty caught three bulls which he had for lunch.

The king hosted a banquet at night and people from all around the globe were invited. The king spoke very fluently in French and Italian. Most of the people he spoke to were French.

Anne Boleyn
Queen of England

By Arthini

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

When I got Bullied

"Brace face", thats what they're calling me. I just started year six at Hampton Primary down the road. I'm new to this area. I have made lots of friends in school and locally.

Last week I payed a visit to my dentist and he suggested that I should wear braces. I hated them, but I had to wear them to make my teeth look better in the future. The first few days were hard, the braces were uncomfortable and I was too shy to talk. I did everything I could to hide my braces, but whatever I did everyone noticed.

A local gang saw my braces and couldn't stop laughing. While walking home from school, they were calling me names. It was very hard to ignore them, I didn't want to tell my parents, but I felt that I had to talk to somebody. The next day the same thing happened. I didn't know when it was going to end.

Then finally I had an idea. I called my friends and told them what I was going through. They were really angry and wanted to support me. We came up with a plan.

The next day we met up after school and walked home together. The bullies as usual called me names, but this time I wasn't scared. When the gang realized we were together, straight away they stopped. When I got home I couldn't stop thanking my friends. From that day on I walked home from school with my friends every day. That made me realize how lucky I am to have people that care about me.


Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Writer of This Poem

Is as calm as the sea,
as cheeky as a monkey,
and as slow as a snail.

As pretty as a butterfly,
as messy as paint,
as loud as a motorway,
and as happy as can be.

The writer of this poem,
Never gets tired,
Nor gets bored,
and she is a one off.