Monday, 6 August 2012

In Year 2347

Merlin BBC: Merlin finally reveals his magic to Arthur
Sherlock BBC: Sherlock Series 3 finally airs
Doctor Who BBC: The Doctor finally regenerates into a ginger.

Me in PE

Imagine sitting in the movie theater and part 2 of Deathly Hallows ends and then there’s a flash of golden light and you wake up in the armchair in your common room, realizing that you had just fallen asleep and dreamt that you were a muggle and they had made books and movies about your life… you just laugh at that insane thought and walk off to the Great Hall to have some dinner and cold pumpkin juice. :O


OMG I just realised! They're called pancakes, because they're like cakes, but you cook them, wait for it, in a PAN!
In Season 1:
In Season 2: