Saturday, 30 October 2010

Jaqueline Wilson

Have you read Tracy Beaker, a short novel about a young girl living in a care home? Ever wondered how the terrific author developed the wonderful story? The amazing book was written by Jacqueline Wilson, who was born in Bath, Somerset but spent her childhood in Kingston. This is her story.

17th December 1945. That day was so special but no-one knew it at the time. On the special date an extraordinary, unique writer was born. Jacqueline, now sixty-five, always wanted to be a novelist.

Ms Wilson has written eighty-three published books. She has inspired children all over the world with her tales. Her popular series Tracy Beaker, which has been translated into over thirty different languages, is about a little kid whose Mum has sent her to the Dumping Ground (a foster home.) Tracy longs to be fostered, but she has behaviour problems and nobody wants her. So, how did the name Tracy Beaker even come into her mind? As the super novelist was scanning her newspaper she saw an advert on the side persuading people to foster small youngsters. Jacqueline wanted to write a story about it and she did but how was the name decided? Well, Jacqueline knew that Tracy was going to be the name of the cheeky character as she thought it made the personality of the imaginary person naughty, bold and mischievous. The only problem was the surname. So while the author was in the bathroom, she was saying to herself,
“Tracy Bath, no, Tracy Tap, no, Tracy Tracy, Tracy Beaker. That’s it Tracy Beaker!”
So that’s how the national book was made. It took Ms Wilson three to six months to produce the book. Now there are two others books that continue the story and a TV programme which has six series now. Many other books by this great author have been written in similar ways.

Children and adults are inspired by the incredible dame. She has her own official fan club online. On the website she writes a newsletter to all her fans and answers most of their questions. Her aim is to write one hundred books. I think she can do it, what do you think?

My Mum

My mum,
Doesn't like me to suck my thumb,
She doesn’t understand,
How much I love my hand,
My mum.

My mum,
Never buys me gum,
She buys me other stuff,
Like earmuffs,
My mum.

My mum,
She is awesome,
Although she doesn’t like me to bite my nails,
I try to stop but I just fail,
My mum.

Mum, mum what would I do?
If I didn’t have you.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

My Sister

My sister is,
Very annoying,
Also very irritating,
Sometimes she is kind, but,
She always says what is on her mind,
My sister.

My sister does,
The gardening, and,
She still manages to be pestering,
She plays with me so I never feel lonely,
My sister.

My sister loves,
To eat,
And enjoys a treat,
She loves music, and,
Says there is nothing bad about it,
My sister.