Friday, 7 August 2009

Letter from Anne Boleyn to Elizabeth Boleyn

Elizabeth Boleyn
Countness of Wiltshire

Dear Mother,

I write to introduce you to my husband the King of England, Henry VIII. A wise man he is.

Today was an extremely delightful day. His majesty, summoned us to come to the hall. Once we all assembled in the hall, he started to play the guitar. It was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. The song that he played was Greensleeves which the king had written himself.

Later in the day, the majesty went hunting. Handsome he was in his amour. I admire his strength. His majesty caught three bulls which he had for lunch.

The king hosted a banquet at night and people from all around the globe were invited. The king spoke very fluently in French and Italian. Most of the people he spoke to were French.

Anne Boleyn
Queen of England

By Arthini

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